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Do I need an account, why?
How many videos can I upload?
Who can I invite to review?
How do I delete a video or survey?
What are the options to sign up or login?
How to schedule a demo?
What are the steps to create a survey?
How to select survey category?
How to select a predefined template?
How to select a background image?
How to change font colour?
How to translate your questions to other languages?
How to add customer Experience(CX) scores?
How to add/edit questionnaire?
How to add a new response for the same survey?
Can we give responses without Signing in? If yes how?
What is stitch option? How to stitch response videos?
What are the options to share responses?
Can we ask for reviews on external websites through surveyed? If yes, how?
How to select response category?
How to share a survey to the audience?
How to get PWA link to share a survey?
Where to get API endpoint to share a survey?
Where to get survey QR code?
How to change the response sentiment?
How to share video responses separately?
Where can we view survey responses?
How to add responses to favourites?
How to pause a created survey?
How to delete a created survey?
Where can we view customer experience (CX) scores?
Where can we view survey analytics?
How to download survey analytics and Customer Experience (CX) reports?
Where can we check external review reports?
How to upgrade/change subscription plan?
How to add social media business accounts to surveyed?
How to give external review sites links in surveyed?
Where can we save integration settings?
How can we give responses to a survey?

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