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Bring your product reviews to life with video or text feedback from genuine, authentic customers. Creating and watching reviews is incredibly fun and can be done in just three simple steps.

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Unlock a Path to Remarkable Business Growth: Execute These 3 Steps

Uncover insights and engage your audience like never before with our cutting-edge AI-powered video reviews and surveys.

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Create A Survey
Choose the questionnaire type and specify any additional requirements, such as whether video or text responses are necessary.
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Request Reviews
Utilize our AI technology to generate review invitations using 21 diverse methods.
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Produce Viral Review Videos
Harness our AI capabilities to create engaging review videos and ensure their wide distribution.

Exploring the factors that contribute to the exceptional reputation of

Discover insights and engage your audience like never before using our cutting-edge, AI-powered video reviews and surveys.
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Video Survey

Video surveys help you understand your customers more compared to regular text surveys.

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Analytics & Reports
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Analytics & Reports

Our system analyzes all the responses and creates reports, including NPS, CSAT, and CES.

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High Security
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Sentiment Analysis

We segregate positive and negative responses based on sentiment analysis.

External Review

65+ features and more

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 External Review

External Review

You can get reviews from different external review sites through surveyed . Benefits
Comprehensible Dashboard
Enhance your data visibility with our user-friendly dashboard reporting.
Actionable Insights
Empower your decision-making with actionable insights available at your fingertips.
Response Management
Efficiently track responses from all your users and review results on an individual basis.
Video Surveys
Engage users by allowing them to post video responses to your survey questions.
Pre-Defined Template
Benefit from our wide selection of over 100 pre-defined survey templates for various industries.
Any Device Surveys
Ensure a seamless feedback collection experience on any device, at any time.
Customer Centric Options
Offering a versatile solution designed to cater to diverse customer needs across all industries.
Customer Management
Focus on optimizing customer relationships to drive business success and foster loyalty.
Customer Experience Statistics
Insights into customer experience through compelling statistical data analysis.
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Business Results
Through Surveyed, businesses can provide an exceptional customer experience by integrating and aligning operations, management, and marketing. This system is essential for your business to stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, the ROI of the Surveyed ecosystem is substantial. As it is entirely cloud-based and operates on a subscription model, it results in minimal upfront costs.
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Enhance Customer Satisfaction Through AI-Powered Video Feedback and Surveys
Optimize customer satisfaction levels by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to facilitate video-based reviews and surveys. Employing cutting-edge algorithms and automated processes, this innovative solution aims to maximize customer engagement and feedback. The incorporation of AI enables efficient analysis of video content, providing valuable insights for businesses to understand customer preferences, identify areas for improvement, and tailor their products or services accordingly. With AI-driven video reviews and surveys, organizations can deliver a seamless and personalized customer experience, resulting in heightened satisfaction and loyalty.
Industries We Serve
An awesome & poweful tools for your business, increase business revenue .
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Use our surveys to innovate and improve your hotel services to better align with customer requirements.
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HealthCare icon
Use our range of surveys to assess patients' perceptions of the practice and identify potential problems and service gaps.
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Education icon
Use our surveys to understand the institution's climate, students' attitudes and beliefs, and the effectiveness of the learning environment.
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Customer Service icon
Customer Service
With our surveys, understand customer experience and empower positive change in any business — even when it's negative.
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Delivery Services icon
Delivery Services
In this sector, every single piece of feedback counts towards becoming more consumer-centric. Use Surveyed to gain customer loyalty and more.
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Service Provided icon
Service Provided
With our surveys, understand customer experience and empower positive change in any business — even when it's negative.
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Personal Maintenance icon
Personal Maintenance
Create a great experience for every person who walks into your salon or gym by learning more about their needs and areas for improvement with our questionnaire.
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Exit Polls icon
Exit Polls
Use our surveys to get unbiased public opinion polls designed to measure the public's views regarding a particular topic or series of topics.
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Employees icon
Use our questionnaire to improve employee engagement, measure job satisfaction, recruit and retain the best talent possible, and perform evaluations.
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Market Research icon
Market Research
Use our surveys to find out what attracts your target audience to your business and what keeps them engaged.
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Construction icon
Use our surveys to get answers from customers and gain effective insights from home buyers, so you can better market your services.
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Events icon
Use our event feedback surveys to learn how participants feel about your event overall and gain insight into the event’s organizational details to improve future events.
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NGO icon
When you want to learn more about how NGOs are run, our survey templates can help you with your research and give visibility into an NGO
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Insurance icon
If you are in the insurance industry, understanding people’s expenses can inform their insurance plans. Learn how people are paying for insurance with our surveys
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Others icon
Use our surveys to gain insights about your products or services and improve your business.
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Our Plan That help you to create survey with exciting features

Bill Annually
Bill Monthly
Save $10
5 Surveys / month
25 Questions / survey
250 Responses / survey
5 AI Based Target Audience
1 Social media AI submission/week
Google/yelp reviews from app
Google/yelp Reviews Dashboard
/ month
Save $30
20 Surveys / month
50 Questions / survey
500 Responses / survey
25 AI Based Target Audience
Up to 5 Social media AI submissions/week
Google/yelp reviews from app
Reviews Dashboard from 7 sites
/ month
Unlimited surveys
Unlimited questions
Collect unlimited responses
Export & share results
25+ AI Based Target Audience
No limit to Social media AI submission/week
5 Admin accounts
google/yelp reviews from app
Reviews Dashboard
Reviews Dashboard from 7 sites
/ month
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