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Make your product reviews come alive with video/text feedback from actual, authentic customers.

Reviews are super fun to both create and watch, with three simple steps.

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Capture genuine responses with Surveyed!!!

Use Surveyed to get most personal insights on your business

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Simple flat pricing model with unlimited number of video reviews.

We bring all your product review videos in a single video file feature-wise.

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Create a New Survey

Define your survey metadata ie., type of questionnaire, options such as is video/text mandatory etc

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Invite Reviews

Once you describe what product you want to review, send as many invites as you want to your user base.

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Generate Review Video

Once you get your required number of responses, finalize them to create one video for each reviewer or the whole survey as per your need.

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Why Surveyed?

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Video Surveys

Video surveys helps you in understanding your customers more compared to regular text surveys

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Sentiment Analysis

We segregate positive and negative responses based on sentiment analysis

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Analytics and Reports

Analyzes all the responses and creates reports including NPS, CSAT and CES

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Progressive Web App

Users can respond to your survey with our app as well as web app without any compatible issues

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External Reviews

You can get reviews from different external review sites through surveyed

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High Security

We've designed our services to be secure from the very start without allowing any unauthorization


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Select a template as per your choice:
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Explore different location based survey sample questions they can help you make improvements to the customer experience. It shows you what aspects of your location are most and least appreciated by customers.

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Explore different agent/technician based survey sample questions, they are important part of working as an agent, technician, or other professional. Feedback allows you to evaluate how well you as a professional are meeting needs and allows you to improve service.

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Explore different products based survey sample questions, they ensure that your product sounds enthusiastic and positive. This will help to create a good first impression with customers and encourage them to continue using your product.

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Explore different services based survey sample questions, they can identify problems and areas for improvement. Plus, its a great way to show your customers that you care about their satisfaction.

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Market Research

Explore different market research based survey sample questions, they help you understand what the market wants and needs, you can develop products and services that meet those needs and desires. Feedback can also help you determine how well your marketing efforts are working, so you can make necessary adjustments.

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Use our surveys to innovate and improve your hotel services to better align with the requirements of the customers.



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Delivery Services

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Personal Maintenance

Exit Polls


Market Research






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